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Art Trade No. 4

Character-Design Trade No. 4

My entry to our 4th character-design trade (“Art Trade”) for the following terms:
Tied, maximum, familiar, implied, new (yes, it couldn’t be more abstract than this...)

Okay, so I’m going to explain my character(s):

"Familiar" and "Tied" – growing up in a Korean household I've always been in touch with (traditional) Korean culture. I really love everything traditional; though there is one thing I'm having a "love-hate-relationship" with and it's traditional mask dance. I've always been fascinated by costumes and masks - some are beautiful and some are just downright frightening. I remember how a wooden mask that we had at home always freaked me out because it was so asdkjuhrithejsdkh. I wanted to draw something that I'm "familiar" with but also something that directly "ties" me to ambiguous emotions/memories

"Implied", "New" and "Maximum" - Since I also love traditional Chinese and Japanese theatre (though when it comes to scariness, these two are playing on a whole different level - I mean holy... in comparison to trad. Chinese or Japanese masks, Korean masks are so cutey, sweety and nicey...) I tried to include them in my design to make it look more ambiguous. And then I just added a bunch of layers and garments. So I tried to "imply" something traditional but also something "new" by mixing everything up and then I tried to make the "maximum" out of it ;)

In cooperation with:

helenstefanie, pearsfears, gwendiwithlove, echoluocancan

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