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Thanks for visiting me on my new main blog!

After two years of using my old blog ("Tiny Harbour") I thought it would be time to move to a new one with a new name and URL. Originally planned as a "just-for-fun-blog" I never thought I would ever take it so serious. Now that I study art/design and as I learn how important a digital portfolio is in my case I thought it would be better to take a step away from this mindset. This won't change anything regarding the content of this blog, but rather my attitude towards it. I hope this doesn't sound all too serious to you...
The overall design is rather identical to my old blog - though there are still minor details I am going to change - and I've also imported all the older posts into my new blog - so everything there is also here!

About my old blog: 

I did not and won't delete it. One can still visit my old blog and I will check it on a regular basis. Otherwise all the external links wouldn't work. It's just that I won't post anything there anymore. If you want to read my "last words" (wow.. why does it sound so depressing?!) on my old blog click here: link

Thank you for checking out my stuff on Tiny Harbour all these years!

But now welcome to my new main blog!

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