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3rd/4th Semester Projects + Exhibition

Here are some uni assignments and private projects I did during 
the 3rd (winter 2014) and 4th (summer 2015) semester.
There are also pictures of last week's exhibition of our art school.

Preparing for the exhibition... Photo by the beloved, beautiful and beneficent Chen 


Random pages from my comic (21 pages in total)  from last semester

Illustration project from this semester (haven't finished it yet though...)
The assignment was to listen to a music track and to draw an illustration series that could match the music's atmosphere. I chose a soundtrack from the movie "Life of Pi"

Some pages of my Israel-travel-sketchbook 
(I'm going to make a small zine out of this and I'm probably going to sell it so I won't upload everything)


Next semester I'm looking forward to make a little animation project with some of my friends/colleagues. We are also planning to make our own music for the animation. 
I really hope we have the time and energy to do this.