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"Eden" - a Sci-Fi short comic

A few weeks ago I finished my very first comic.
This semester's assignment was to create a Science Fiction short story about how we see ourselves in 30~40 years.

The first thought that struck me was only: I have always been fascinated by stars, planets, time and space, but Sci Fi? I had absolutely no idea about what’s going on in Science Fiction! I only had various pictures of cheesy stories around robots and cyborgs in my mind. Most of my stories take place in the 1st century (or anything "B.C.") and hardly reach any epoch above that time. The most modern time I ever reached was around 1940. I never ever draw people from my time let alone from the future! How should somebody like me who lives in the past, loves Shakespearian English and likes to draw Mongolian warriors ever draw something that’s considered contemporary not to mention futuristic?

I was beginning to feel dizzy. A Science Fiction comic? This was probably a bit too much for me. No wonder were my storyboards at the beginning of the third semester… terrible. I was just too afraid of Science Fiction, this unknown territory of mine, that I forgot what I would really like to draw. So I tried to draw things people might recognize as some kind of utopian stories, but which utterly fail as interesting let alone readable ones. 
But after a considerable amount of time of frustration I somehow managed to create a story. I am not absolutely happy with it, but nevertheless I am proud of what I made. And to be precise it's more a "Science-Fiction-Fantasy" story one might not classify as super sci fi. But that's up to the reader.

And I have to admit that I do like Science Fiction now. I think this journey of mine to unknown territories and spaces was worth the effort...

Here are some pictures of my 21 pages long comic:

Done with ink + digital editing.
Available at the Leipziger Buchmesse this year (Kunsthochschule Kassel stall).

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